Kourtney Kardashian ~ Home Tour

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

If you "Keep Up" with the Kardashians, then you've undoubtedly seen the some of the interiors of these ladies homes. Well, we are probably going to be seeing an all new house project because Kourtney and Scott are on the move!

Here are the photos of her old home as featured in Domaine Home
*side note: didn't she only just finish renovating her house lol and now she's on to the next...must be nice!*

Inside her new home (former home of NFL player Keyshawn Johnson:
*looking forward to seeing what interior style she goes with*

What do you think of her interior decorating style?


  1. I definitely think it is very whimsical and unique! The style of the room in the photo below the photo of her bedroom looks like it could be found in a very chic lodge. I get a very nature-esque feel from its interior decor. The set-up outdoors is fab! I love the white furniture and the black-and-white ceiling on the upper level is so stylish.

  2. Wow her new home is to die for! I'm not crazy about the alice in wonderland / beetlejuice theme....only because those movies kinda creep me out lol! But I can't wait to see how she designs the new one!


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