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Friday, January 31, 2014

One of my daily reads, A Blonde Ambition, has changed up her usual Confessional Friday Link Up. This week it has a "Getting to Know You" theme and I wanted to 'play along' :)

Want to participate? Use the above template and link back so that we all can see get to know each other :) Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend!

Getting to Know You Edition - Post Template

1. Your name ~ Danai

2. Where you're from ~ Washington, DC 

3. What do you do with your days? (Work, SAHM, student, etc.) ~ I'm a Realtor! I help others buy and sell real estate

4. Tell us about your family (photos are great!) ~

My family

My dad and I work together and have a team with Long & Foster Real Estate in the DC metro area

My brother lives and works in New York City

My baby, Jordan, who lives with his grandparents lol 

And the newest (while not yet official *wink*) member of my family is my fiance and love of my life

5. What are your dreams and goals ~ this sums it up

6. Why did you start blogging? ~ I have always enjoyed the bloggers (here) and thought it would be fun to share my musings as well! And so far, it is :)

7. Tell us some random facts! ~ 
1. I was born on July 23rd the first day of the LEO astrological sign - right on the cusp of Cancer & Leo but I am all Leo ;)
2. I bought my first home at age 21 - 3 months after college graduation!
3. I collect Elle Magazines - I'm obsessed with the cover photography
4. I have always wanted a tattoo
5. But, I am terrified of needles - I still cry #dontjudgeme lol
6. I adore Coco Chanel - her story, her style, her fashion, everything!
7. I have never been to Europe
8. I played piano for 13 years

Want to Participate? Use the above template and post on your blog today or another day, link back to the page you found this on so that we can all get to know each other :)

Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend!


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I appreciate all of your questions and comments. Thanks for sharing! :)